Sikkim , the least populated state in India, located amidst the Himalayas, bordered by Bhutan to the east, Nepal to the West, West Bengal to the south and Tibet to the North is perhaps one amongst the most beautiful and richly cultured states of our nation. With 11 official languages and a wide range of rituals, the state has managed to preserve its heritage and simplicity till the very date. The Tsomgo Lake also known as the Changu Lake is a glacial lake located in east Sikkim usually frozen during the winter season. It is one amongst the most famous tourist spots but little do people know that apart from its beauty the lake has a mysterious story to it as well. It is said that the place where the lake exists was previously a shed where yaks lived and the area around the lake was a village that belonged to the tribal people. One night, the oldest women of the tribe had a dream that soon the village would drown in water leaving no sign of life, she warned all the villagers but nobody gave an ear to her, eventually, failed in her attempt to convince the others to leave, she left the village with her yak and soon after the village was submerged in water.

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I’ve been using React. In the grand scheme of things that’s not very long at all, but in the ever-churning world of JavaScript frameworks, that just about qualifies you as a bearded elder! I’ve helped out a few people lately with React starter tips, so I thought it would be a good idea to write some of them up here to share more broadly.

These are all either things that I wish I’d known when I started out, or things that really helped me ‘get’ React. I’m going to assume that you know the absolute basics; if the words component, props, or state are unfamiliar to you, then you might want to read the official Getting started or Tutorial pages.

There are a few things you need to know before deciding to join a homeowners Architectural Requests · Discussion Forum · Events Calendar Date Published: Mar 07, If that sounds like you, read the following guide on HOA’s to find out the top 9 most important things to know about HOAs.

While we got some specs and even gaming time with the RTX Ti, there’s still plenty we didn’t know about these next-gen graphics cards — that is until now. Nvidia is finally allowing us to tell you almost everything behind its new architecture from how Tensor and RTX Cores fit next to CUDA cores, new shading methodologies, a new version of super-sampling and the new NV Link connector to SLI multiple graphics cards together.

We’re not going into the full breadth of what Turing means, you can visit our sister site Tom’s Hardware for that information. Instead we’re only going to focus on the 9 most important things that will change the game for you. In the same way a ray of light can strike an object to illuminate it and other objects around it, ray tracing determines this phenomenon in a digital environment for more realistic and complex lighting.

Back in it took 1. To achieve this, Nvidia RTX basically simplified the math. Take a quick look at that bunny above and see how it’s made of a seemingly infinitesimal number of triangles. Well, ray tracing requires calculating how light will hit and react to each of those triangles and that requires a ton of calculations, which even the world’s best graphics cards would struggle to accomplish — and that’s just one object in a digital environment. What Nvidia RTX does instead of looking at thousands of triangles, is look at fewer triangles categorized into larger container.

This way ray tracing can be applied to larger groups of surfaces at once and this called the “Bounding Volume Hierarchy. Now that we know the secret of ray tracing, we have to break it to you that not everything in games can be ray traced — at least not yet. Instead, Nvidia applies ray tracing on some surfaces and objects in game, while a majority of the lighting and shadows is still created by industry standard methods.

So, for example you might see ray traced metal, windows and water in Battlefield V, but the illumination on basically every other surface is provided by traditional global illumination.

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Etiquette, advice and greetings ahead of the start of Ramadan. Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic Calendar, when Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset for 29 or 30 days, depending on the span of the lunar month. Doing so is one of the five pillars of Islam. The start and end of Ramadan will be declared the day before. After sunset, mosques will fill with worshippers congregating for prayers.

Ramadan ends with the Eid Al Fitr festival.

I knew a girl who was crazy over writers and I used to wonder why. I found out eventually, that writers are actually likeable, especially the witty.

It may seem like the straight-talking renovator came out of nowhere, but she’s been remodeling and selling homes for years with her mom, Karen E. Laine —well before camera crews arrived on the scene. Before getting caught up on The Brady Bunch house renovation—which shows Mina and her mom taking the property down to the studs literally! After graduating from Indiana University, Mina wasn’t sure what she wanted to do, so while she figured it out, she worked as a waitress to pay the bills.

It was a real fixer upper and she enlisted her mom’s help to repair it—at the time, Karen E. Laine was a defense attorney! In the process, she found she really, really liked tearing things down to the studs and building it back up. Fans of Good Bones already know that Mina and Karen make a killer team—and must-watch TV—because their differences complement each other so well. Karen’s a “hippy-dippy dreamer,” Mina told USA Today , and she’s the “sieve” who condenses her mom’s OTT ideas into actionable renovations that’d fit a more mainstream audience as in, people who aren’t as crazy about taxidermy and channel glass as Karen is.

Mina and her mom had been working together for seven years before they got a surprising Facebook message from a talent scout at production company High Noon Entertainment. At first, she was skeptical.

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To get a better experience with our home designs, please download other browsers for free. Just click on the icon! But nothing is ever so straightforward as stacking two blocks on top of each other and calling it a home, and container homes are no exception. Would you just walk into a stainless steel box and start living there? Insulation is essential, as well as high-quality glazing solutions to ensure that a comfortable living temperature is maintained inside your container home.

Shipping containers are not all built the same.

We are one we started talking, Speeddating Songkhla. South Wales Speed Dating; 9 Things You Should Know About Dating An Architect; Free Online Dating.

They have a complicated but interesting mindset which has learned to deal with anything and everything, personal relationships included. At first, they may seem peculiar, but then you get used to their pattern, and if you are patient enough you may uncover all their hidden gems. They have to deal with many givens, satisfy different clients, and finish before the deadline. So, in shidduchim, they can be calm and rational, no mood swings. Meeting can be detail-oriented, and that means they will remember the smallest details about you.

They need to be capable of understanding their clients to offer them something that suits them. It is a meeting that works pleasantly when it comes to personal shidduchim. Part of the Logical thinker and planner package is being organized. They may seem messy, their rooms, studios, and even their cars. They are logical thinkers and natural planners Architects are both engineers and artists.

When Visiting Sikkim, These 9 Things Will Help You Understand it Better

Photo: Tysons Corner Center. Need backcountry gear, an American Girl doll, a car, or a Tiffany necklace? The two mall hubs here are Tysons Corner Center and Tysons Galleria, the latter of which has valet parking, concierge services, personal security escorts, and other enticements designed to attract wealthy shoppers to its high-end stores. Fairfax County also features dozens of seasonal farmers markets that bring fresh, local produce as well as wares and talents from regional artists and craftspeople to thousands of local shoppers each week.

Bring your canvas bags! As the river approaches the city, the water drops 77 feet in less than a mile, its channel narrowing at Mathers Gorge, at the base of the falls.

It offers a great mix of ancient history and modern art and architecture. Well-​Caffeinated Traveller | 9 things you must do in Athens, Greece Athens is the historical capital of Europe with a history dating from the first settlement in the.

New York City contracts with private firms to provide many public services, such as mental health and afterschool programs, construction of new public facilities, and security at public buildings. Procurement—contracting with external vendors to deliver goods or services—is an important aspect of government. The process for designing and awarding a contract is governed by a complex web of statutes, regulations, and practices intended to ensure a fair process; however, outdated laws, antiquated systems, and layers of bureaucracy result in inefficient and lengthy procedures that fail to deliver the best value.

This policy brief describes nine things New Yorkers should know about City procurement and how it could be improved. There are five major categories of contracting: goods, construction services, human services, professional services, and standardized services. See Figures 1 and 2. In fiscal year about one-third of all contracts and one-tenth of all contract dollars were for the purchase of goods—the commodities and materials the City needs to operate, from pens and paper to road salt to asphalt.

Construction contracts accounted for 27 percent of contract actions and 19 percent of contract value. Given the size and complexity of many capital projects, these are often multiyear projects. Contracts with nonprofit social service agencies to provide human services represented the largest share, 36 percent, of contract value. Nearly 7, human service contracts were signed and many are multiyear contracts. Professional services contracts, which include agreements with firms to provide accounting, auditing, management consulting, research services, and information technology, were 6 percent of contract actions and almost one-quarter of the contract dollars.

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As a top destination for education, the United Kingdom offers world-class qualification with a modern learning environment. The quality of education offered in universities in the UK is unparalleled. Adventure and learning await, but at the same time, you must also be prepared for things like different customs, new languages and a new education system. As you embark on your new journey, here are a few things you should know before going to the UK.

The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Start of Autumn, the 13th solar term in a year, begins this year on.

It is important for you and the architect to waste no time. You would ideally like these early conversations to be concise, clear and efficient. Everyone wants their project to be exactly what they envisioned. It is important to know your architect is here for you. These ten things will help you navigate the complex architecture world and help you understand how your project will be executed.

This is by far one of the most important things to ask any architect you have employed. Also, make it a point to follow up with the references that they provide. Doing this is very important since it will help ascertain what professional experience the architect has right from the start. Pro tip: Remember Residential work, often the best residential work rarely sees the light of day.

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Whole Foods has come a long way since the great price-gouging scandal of Prices were immediately slashed, and new Prime-member exclusive perks were introduced. Still, shopping at Whole Foods is, in so many ways, different from shopping at any other grocery store. Make the most of your next trip to Whole Foods with these secret tips and money-saving hacks.

For example, I use macro lenses for extreme close-ups of facial features. Other photographers need a 24mm tilt-shift lens for architecture, or a.

While it may sound negative, there are some things you’ll never really know about your partner — and that’s OK. People are, after all, so incredibly complex that you can’t expect to learn every little detail of their lives. And when you add in the fact you and your partner don’t have to share everything, it can increase the mystery even more. This is true even for couples who have been together for what feels like a lifetime, Nalin says.

That said, it’ll be up to you and your partner to figure out what you would like to know about each other , and then make that a priority. Open yourself up and take the time to ask open-ended questions and truly listen to each other. Don’t rush the process. With time, you’ll learn the most important things about each other — like your values and what you both want for the future. But even then, experts say you may never really know some of the things listed below. You may notice signs that they’ve had a tough time , but it’s important for them to talk about it only once they’re ready.

Some traumas are too painful to revisit and your partner may not have completely faced the situation. In other situations, your partner may fear being judged or misunderstood and may feel safer keeping details to [themselves. You can always let them know you’ll be down to listen and help in any way possible, if they ever want to share.

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